All My Children ~ Week of 7/8/13

Episodes 37 and 38. I was so happy to see the original Kendall. I so hope that she is on this show for good. Of course it was such timing that Zach is cleared, bangs lea and she shows up. Jesse is in a heap of trouble and I’m so sick of that story line I could puke. Angie and David were real good and boy Jesse sure was jealous. But the talk between Angie and David was spot on about the kid. But it looks like Cassie doesn’t want to keep they bambino. Get over this story line. Angie is acting like a total shit head and as chief of staff she shouldn’t. Tired of the tears and whining all the time. Ditzy as a therapist please. I’m amazed getting back to Zach and Lea that they didn’t question immediately the different dental records and Jesse. They should have put it together right away. Colby is a piece of work and I so enjoy her character. She’s playing Celia like a fiddle and that dumb bitch doesn’t even get it. Of course she is going to take credit for the charity and it’s going to be okay until Celia says she gave Colby the idea. Loved it when she talked about her and Petey screwing LOL She is so damn mean. Dimbo is falling for Brooke and of course this is going to happen because Adam is gone all the time. He just seems to prim and proper for me this go round. How stupid of The Shrimp to bring Oliver and the grannie to live in PV. But of course David has to find out that his son is alive and Cara has been lying to him for years. I liked the scene with Miranda and the shrimp about AJ and it was good that he went up and talked to him and that they are going to NYC to hang out. I think he sees his wrongs, at least for a while, with AJ. You can’t tell me that Oliver is not going to call Cara Mom. He’s to young not to screw this up. I’m also tired of the AJ/Miranda/Heather triangle. It’s getting real real old. Liked however, how Petey got all those young kids involved in his new sports app. Done for another week. Yahoo!!!!

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  1. in true AMC fashion they are addressing abortion now. I cant imagine what Cassandra will do but we are in for it until she decides what to do. I watched the “more” part of AMC too and that chick read tweets and emails about the Cassandra storyline and everyone likes it. not me. I am sick to death of it. glad Zach got cleared and looks like Jesse gets arrested but this is going to go on and on ad nauseum… I am glad that dimbo is here for brooke. I don’t think that adam wants to be on the show very much at all and it will be fun to see them develop a relationship. I always liked dimbo and am glad he is on. another one that has disappeard is cara’s brother. I wonder if he is just going to be on once in a while. I like that angie and david are so close too. serves jesse right for not being there at all. of course I guess you could look at it as if he saved Cassandra’s life but its hard to think of it that way when the banshee is wailing away and he is nowhere to be found… Miranda is a sad little thing and I feel sorry for her being so enamored of the dumb AJ and the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. I think they will eventually end up together for sure but it is going to be hard for us to watch them get there. isn’t that Colby a hoot? I just love that naughty girl. she is going to make the gala for tower magazine the best party ever I am sure. and she will probably steal all celia the drip’s ideas and make it a smashing success. I liked how petey talked to the kids too. that was good. it is so nice to see kendall back beautiful as ever. I thought that leah and Zach didn’t go all the way…. did I miss something? but of course we knew the second they acted really interested in each other kendall would come back… and did you tell me that binks is pg in real life??? how are they going to work that one into the mix… be pretty difficult I would think. it must have taken me an hour and a half to watch one hour of this show.. the buffering was HORRIBLE….. now we can relaz until next week. good shows. love them…

    1. forgot to comment on JR bringing cara and davids son on the show. that is going to be a secret for about 15 minutes, dontcha think?? you are so right. that kid will slip and call her mom in front of david and that will be all she wrote…. and of course both david and JR are going to be after cara which will make them both want to get loaded pistols again and use each other as target practice… and poor old ditzy…. she is the most unconvincing therapist I have ever seen… sad !!!!

      1. Hon I didn’t say that about Binks. You must have read that in your trash magazines. I just assumed Zach and Lea got the love juices flowing. I can’t believe people like the love juices flowing. Your streaming. You should watch it closer to Laurie’s router. Like your dining room or kitchen. But some head phones and watch it in the living room.

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