All My Children ~ Week of 7/1/13

Episodes 34 & 35 It is so nice to be able to watch this in one day and be done for the week. I so cannot wait for this Cassie drama to be over with. One moment she is a lucid as hell and the next she’s bonkers yet again. And if the Banshee can’t figure out that something is up with Jesse I’ll put in with you. He was gone at all the crucial times. I’m glad that we didn’t have to suffer through many more episodes before Cassie found out that she is knocked up. Those dental records are going to bite Jesse in the ass big time and Lea is so on to Jesse I can’t see straight. And did you notice the way that she was leaning over Zach and her tits touching him on purpose? I so don’t want them to be together. Kendall hurry up and come on back! And I tell you if that pin was only worth 600 bucks I’m President of the USA LOL They so got on that jeweler big time. David kicked Brooke’s ass in the interview and he is so going to be the hero of PV. I think they are going to get Cara and him back together. Inch by inch they are getting closer and I hope the wimp is standing there left playing pocket pool LOL Him demanding that damn pack back with the steroids was ridiculous. If I was that kid I would have told him to fuck off. But you know they are going to get him on steroids. And did you notice the sway in his back? It’s horrible and that stomach sticks so far out. David is on to him as well already. I’m really beginning to like AJ and Miranda together and I just wish that they would get her off this love sick puppy for him. I want them to remain friends and I like how he refuses to run her over with the bus. Ditzy looks like she and Dr. Andres are going to be an item if TMOW doesn’t come back. He sure did hit the nail on the head about her being so better than thou. One question I have though is Uri I thought threw away the phone so how did Jesse have his number to meet with him and how come he didn’t come out with guns blaring at that asshole. I wonder if it is the brother who is dead pretending it’s Uri? Jesse needs to come clean at least to Zach. This moves soooo slow. LOL

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  1. i am so pissed… i commented on both shows and the previews… took me 15 minutes to write it all and its gone… i cant imagine what happened… not going to write it all again….will do it nextweek

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