All My Children ~ Week of 5/6/13

2.1 The first thing I’m going to say and this is what bugs me about this show is the over acting. It seems like they are all trying to hard and everyone is always yelling. I felt bad for Binks and that bitch of a Miranda. Binks needs to put that little bitch in her place if you ask me. I still think that AJ could turn out to be gay and that they are going to be just good friends. I’m probably wrong on that and they will end up hitting the sheets. I liked the talk with Binks and Zach. Jane is such a tough old broad. Oh the day of the smartphone has arrived on the soaps LOL David hasn’t changed one iota and that is one thing I’m really glad about. Cara is so still in love with him. They are going to drag on the reunion of those two. So Celia’s guardian…i suppose that was him who she had a vision of. It sorta looked like Caleb to me but I’m sure Petey will find out how it is. I love that these are available to early on line. I woke up at 12:30 and checked after I watched 60 minutes and there it was. AWESOME

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  1. first of all it seems to me like there are twice as many commercials this show than last week. and i thought the show was good. as usual david is the bad guy and he deserves everyones wrath … poor ditz when she saw david in jrs room ..i dont blame her for coming unglued. and that bitch miranda with binks. how hurtful. she is so spoiled and has so much to learn. and that poor celia seeing that vision in the mirror was scary. i really like her and petey. poor jesse is in another pickle and i hope it gets over with soon because i dont know how much more angie can take… great show. i an so happy its back on

  2. 2.2 Blah blah blah Junior wakes up after again no one sees him. Dixie bantering on and on again with Adam. Cassandra being stupid enough to swallow that pill Miranda still needs to be bitched slapped but I do like her and AJ’s friendship. Of course Celia not sticking around to hear the whole story about Petey and then ditching the flowers blah blah bah.

    1. i take it you loved this episode…. lol. i will update and let you know my feelings this evening… of course i will love it….

  3. well i loved the show as you knew i would. i was so glad binks and miranda made up. mirana was so mean yesterday and i was gkad she apologized to her mom. i wonder if tad might come back. i wouldnt think they would talk about him if he wasnt going to. i keep hoping anyway. and wouldnt you know celia would get the wrong idea from hearing what that guy said to petey. i wondered why they sat at the coffee bar instead of the table they were at and it was so petey wouldnt see celia…. i am hoping cassandra will get away now that the handcuffs are off.. i hope to hell they dont drag this on for 6 months… adam was so mean spouting all that stuff to jr. i dont blame ditzy for being pissed at him. btw.. love the cussing. aj is a real potty mouth. good show and laurie fixed my computer so it only paused about 4 times instead of 25 times… yay! !!!!

    1. I’ve said it once and I’m going to say it again.Miranda needs to be bitched slapped and she is a very poor actress. I also wondered why they weren’t sitting at that the table but it makes sense so Celia would hear what she did.

  4. first of all did you see they have winifred back at her old job? so good to see her… i couldnt believe the snow job cara was giving to david. it looked like she was making it up as she went along which is like dangling a carrot in front of david. he will make ir his mission in life to find out what is going on. i thought jesse and zach in that nail salon was ridiculous. they went as far as the receptionists desk and that was it. and jesse turned on a lamp when they had just broken in to the place?????? please! aj and miranda leave me cold actually. two spoiled brats is what they are. i hope petey and celia make up. i know they will.. its just a matter of time. well it looks like that big galoot of an rj is about to stir his stumps. that should stir things up a bit. fairly good show…

    1. OH David’s main mission in life is going to uncover the truth on that bambino. Cara is a horrible liar. As I keep saying I cannot stand Miranda and AJ is a very close second. So I take it that Binks hasn’t told Miranda that Michael Cambis is her padre. Leaves that wide open for his return. Also doesn’t look like TMOW is going to be coming back anytime soon. I’m so glad JR is awake. Maybe now Ditzy can settle down and quit acting like a banshee and wanting to have David arrested at ever turn. Again over acting. I also thought it ridiculous that Jesse and Zach breaking into that nail shop in Center City. Jesse is a sheriff for shit’s sake and then them turning on the light when it has all the windows and out what looked like a main drag. Stupid. Angie is going to get to the bottom of all this. Ane yes Celia and Petey will end up together. Get on with it already. Yes I did see Winifred back. I was thrilled.

  5. THURS 05/09 i so agree that miranda and aj are a couple of pukes .. but i thought that evening dress was beautiful.. is the horrible boy band a real band or just actors? i never heard of them. i cant believe the shenanigans of zach and jessie. they need to get the cops in on this russian prostitution ring. but at least he told angie.. i thought he would never tell her. but thank goodness he is fessing up. i hope they get help from that girl they fished out of the dumpster. so now rj is awake. david and he will be at odds immediately. ditzy was over the moon and now maybe she can get a real life. i was surprised at how easily celia forgave pete but i hope they have fun together… and cara isnt a good liar. wouldnt david come in when she was saying something about the baby???? good show again and i guess tomorrow will be a recap… love it so much!!!

    1. I was totally embarrassed for Zach and Jesse especially Jesse the way he was clutching that chick. And here they are in center city and no cops. And then back Zach goes into the dumpster and finds the Gentlemen’s Club card. The two chicks with Cassandra were over acting if you ask me but at least now we know what they are doing…Rent-A-Whore LOL. Ditzy was driving me nuts today and I so hope that she does get a life now. What I can’t figure out is if the shrimp killed Marissa how is he getting of the hook? I hope they answer that because I thought that’s why David shot him. Yes Cara is a horrible liar and Griff is still like a deer in headlights. I can’t wait to see the kid. I’m glad the Celia and Petey got back together or are a least starting to. I still want to find out who her benefactor is. Thank goodness a rest from it tomorrow LOL

  6. RECAP: this wasnt much except to find out that when aj was in the nude they put a sock on his weiner to cover it up… lol. they had a pretty ritzy gala for the cast in nyc and that was nice to see. angie said she didnt know if she would have signed on if jessie hadnt. she said they have been together soooo long its real easy to do their scenes together. thats about it… i love the show and wish they had 5 shows a week but maybe their wages arent up to snuff so they dangled a 4 day work week in front of them to get them to sign… lol

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