Alcatraz ~ Week of 3/4/12

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Well I liked both of these episodes. I felt bad for Doc and I loved it when he called his worker at the comic book store to tell him how to open the cell door. Wouldn’t you know the Warden would have known that those two idiots got wrong keys and of course Hauser thinks there was no gold when I’m sure that the Warden had gold back in the day. Becca sure did piss off the one brother by killing him and her throwing a bed frame at him and killing him was something else. They are mixing up the good and the bad and what I mean about that is you don’t know which guards are good and which are bad. Donovan comes to mind as he helped the two brothers. The next episode poor old Helen should have said something up front and maybe spared her daughter getting buried. At least in this episode we got to know about the blood and I guess all the guys that come back have special blood except Burnett which makes me wonder if it has anything to do with them coming back to the now because Burnett was here as well. Hauser will try anything to get Lucy back but I guess regular blood isn’t going to help. Not bad episodes. Ratings still are crappy for this show. I think one reason why is it is hard to follow.

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2 thoughts on “Alcatraz ~ Week of 3/4/12

  1. Two good episodes back to back. Those nasty Ames brothers were so damn mean and Becca really made the big one mad when she killed little brother didn’t she? And then to toss that bed onto the big brother and kill him too was good. That old warden i am sure either has the gold or knows where it is. The second show was good too. And i think those people were using all those cons as guniea pigs with that stuff they put into their blood. I felt so bad for that girl that got buried alive. Can you imagine? I would go insane. And i have to say Becca is ludicrously tough for such a little girl. Unbelievable! !!! It sort of wrecks the show for me. Love Doc though and hauser is so strange i cant figure him out. I DO hope he can get some good blood for Lucy.. good odd weird strange shows ….

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