Alcatraz ~ Week of 3/11/12

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Well this must have been the episode that got bumped because of the Daytona 500 and my DVR didn’t record it. Oh well.

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4 thoughts on “Alcatraz ~ Week of 3/11/12

  1. I was disgusted with the way that poor black guy was treated in alcatraz. He cooked good food and that weirdo nasty warden just set him up for a fall. i felt sorry for him even though he was crazy. Tiller needs a good roughing up if you ask me. That old emmett shooting through the door…sure had doc scared didn’t he? And did you notice the thing they shoved in clarencces mouth when they did whatever they did to their blood. Little by little we are finding out what went on….that smoking doctor always has a ciggie and that’s funny to me. This was a good show with a very bad theme.

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