Alcatraz ~ Week of 2/6/12

Well it looks like we are going to get some backstory or filling in of missing links tonight.

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Well I really enjoyed the show last night. I like how we found out that Ray and Tommy are really brothers and that Ray is Becca’s uncle. I am also glad that they made it that Hauser approached Ray years ago to help him with all of this and that he turned him down and the Becca figured it all out and know’s that Hauser needs her more than she needs him. It seems to me that Tommy is a big key in all of this. I loved it at the end when Ray told him to get out and never come back and to stay away from Becca. I’m wondering if the Warden really knows that Tommy and Ray were related and somehow got Hastings in the present day to keep looking for Tommy. At least Hastings got to see his daughter Annie but what amazed me is that Becca shot him in the leg and then all of a sudden Hauser has him in the car looking at Annie and her family. I don’t get also why Hastings can’t see her he is in the present day. When Hauser said he was a casualty of what happened I think that the families being told that the guards were victims of a chemical spill is a lie and Hauser knows what really happened to both guards and prisoners. There are so many new questions now to be answered. This is getting complicated to follow and I wish they would start answering some of them.

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