Alcatraz ~ Week of 2/20/12

Some good things coming the way of this show:

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I really like this lady and this is some good information:

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Well it wasn’t a bad episode but the ratings are falling every week with this. I liked McKee and how he made Becca realize there is more to the prison than meets the eye saying that there is something underground and how she has the eyes of Madsen. She sure was trying to get info from Sylvane and not get info on McKee from him. I liked how they brought back Sylvane and are sort of keeping him in the loop. Dr. Beauregard, always smoking even in the now, is up to no good I’m sure at Hauser’s request. There is something going on with the blood and that’s going to be how the 63 are coming back somehow. I wish they would answer that question. Again the Warden was pretty good in this saying ding every time McKee didn’t answer properly. I also like the coroner and hope that they get something going with him and the doc. Again, three killings going on. That number is becoming more prominent.

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4 thoughts on “Alcatraz ~ Week of 2/20/12

  1. Good story this week. I missed the last two shows cuz i recoded two and a halfmen, hoarders and this… so this show got dropped every week. Needless to say i dropped hoarders. Lol.Mckee sure killed a bunch of people didn’t he? All those people floating in the pool looked so weird. Loved the doc always smoking too. And the chick coroner or medicsal examiner is a cute girl. Cant wait to get some of our questions answered. Great article you have about what’s going to be happening. Loved seeing sylvane again.. that warden was something else. I was shocked they would show a movie with a girl as sexy as Mamie van siren.. that would get those boys all riled up i would think. Great show. So glad i got it.

    1. I guess you have to be old to know Mamie Van Siren LOL Glad you have figured out your recording problem as well. This show is gonna get the axe if they aren’t careful if you ask me. I’m reading on line that people are finding it boring and there are no characters that they really want to care for. I tend to agree with this. Let’s hope it picks up.

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