Alcatraz ~ Week of 1/23/12

Well i didn’t think that the show was as good as the first two episodes. I wanted more information about Lucy however I’m thinking that Hauser taking Nelson’s body to the doctor makes me wonder if he can make them come back alive somehow and possibly that’s how all the 63′s are going to come back to life. It also makes me wonder why Hauser killed Nelson, being a 63′er and the first two he wanted them back alive. I loved how the doctor started the old record player and lit up a ciggy. I am so hoping that Doc is getting it more together and at least we found out that something happened to him when he is 11. I wanted to find out last night what happened but I guess we might in another episode. I still like Becca and how tough as nails she is. Nelson was a real piece of work and I like the warden also and how he was with lighting those matches and then leaving them for Nelson and not moving him out of solitary. He’s a mean nasty warden but I love his character. Ratings were very good as well so it looks like it might be a real keeper. Yeah they went down some but still are good.

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2 thoughts on “Alcatraz ~ Week of 1/23/12

  1. This was a good show. That Becca reminds me of misty for some reason. And i love the Doc. I wonder if we will eventually find out what happened to him when he was little
    The little boy was so cute too. What a monster Nelson was. Loved the warden with the matches and the doctor in the hidden prison rocking out to that old record while puffing away on the ciggy …. you could be right about hauser being able to bring those dudes back to life. Hauser is the creepiest guy on Tv.. love this show,……

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