Fargo ~ 4/22/14

Poor Molly having to deal with Bill being the chief now. She so knows that there is more to this story and that Lester isn’t telling what he knows. I’m so hoping in the end of things it is her that solves the whole case. Vern’s wife sure didn’t seem upset that he was murdered at the party but they all act so strange there LOL I couldn’t believe with a double homicide that the police wouldn’t check Lester’s house more thoroughly and find that hammer. That bottle of whatever it is he found in gordo’s room is going to be used on that hammer I’m sure. Gus and the married next door neighbor were funny and then to find out she’s married. I never saw that coming. And him talking to his daughter, if only she knew what happened. I just love Lorne and how he behaves with everyone. He can talk his way out of anything and then when the grocery store owners bodyguard came over and he went right to the toilet to take a shit. Too funny. Did you hear they even made the water sound like a piece of shit hit the water. Too funny. So it’s the aerobics instructor that sent the note. He’ll be in big trouble. I love the deaf guy and his helper. Everyone up there doesn’t care if they kill anyone or not. What a way to die being thrown in the lake under the ice. I don’t much care for Lester’s brother and sister-in-law. They are sort of duds if you ask me. Do you also notice at the warning for the program after the commercials it looks like it’s snowing? Clever and clever show also.

The Blacklist ~ 4/21/14

The story lines are becoming so secondary in this show now because all the focus is about Tom and Lizzie. I loved it when he accused her of having a daddy daughter relationship with Reddington. I’m also glad that Reddington is keeping eyes on Tom. I would like to know how Lizzie got out of being handcuffed to the stairwell but I’m sure we will never know that. Loved it when she broke his finger or thumb. He is one tough cookie. I can’t wait to find out what she finds in the bank that Tom sent her to. Maybe there is hope for the both of them yet LOL If I were her co-worker’s I’d get sick and tired of her always just walking out on them. You’ll notice the boss said as much also. It amazed me that Reddington got those Russians to go get Tom out of that building. He has so many connections and the way he talks is excellent. So nonchalant and he doesn’t even bat an eye. Good show.

Bates Motel ~ 4/21/14

Unless I missed something I don’t get where you think Romero thinks Norman is innocent of killing Miss Watson? He wants to make sure they didn’t convict an innocent man and I think this is one of those times that Norman blacked out and he just doesn’t remember. I think he took those pearls when he came out of the blackout and she was dead and he panicked and left. Romero wants to find out how Norman’s semen was present there and therefore maybe he did kill her. I think it is one of those times we will never know. Romero to me has a little mans syndrome. He is so nasty with everyone and I wouldn’t be amazed if that cop that discovered the semen ends up dead the way he threatened her. I loved how Norman is being with Norma. She’s getting a little bit more frazzled and its good to see that. Loved all those birds he put out just to annoy her and did you notice him picking at the feathers after Norma left? I love how he is standing up to her. I also was proud of Dylan for standing up to Nick and saying he will kill him if he bothers his family again. I wonder what has happened to Caleb? LOL I don’t think Norma went and had sex with George as a substitute for Norman I just think she was so mad she went back to him. She sure as hell didn’t seem to be enjoying it. George needs to tell her to buzz off. I think Zane is going to be the next one to bite the bullet so to speak. Seems like his sister even gave her blessings to that. He’s way out of control. I’m also thinking it has to be Nick who kidnapped Norman or Romero. We shall see. He is a very scary person which makes him so intriguing. Good show.

Person of Interest ~ 4/15/14

Poor Finch. He was so devastated that the Machine spit out a number of someone they must kill in order for the many to be saved. I felt bad for him but at least he did get his way and they didn’t kill the Congressman. I loved the Reese walked in on him and his assistant and then they later found out that Decima was protecting him by getting him stock tips in order for Congress to get Samaritan through Congress. I can’t imagine that Finch is going to walk about from this and let Samaritan actually happen. It will have all relevant and irrelevant numbers it can muster up and then everyone in the US better watch out. Greer sure does know how to work people getting that Senator that was involved in the creation of Nothern Lights and threatening him with exposure to that fact. Wouldn’t you know that Greer would get a 24 hour window to show Congress how their machine works. What they aren’t going to show them is the irrelevant numbers. How Root can go through all those numbers and figure out which ones are relevant now that the Government can’t take them is beyond me. Her brain must be hardwired LOL but I suppose were not suppose to think of that. Wouldn’t you know the first thing that Greer would have done with Samaritan is find Finch. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all gets resolved with Root talking to the Machine as well as Finch and then having Samaritan. I loved how Shaw and Root killed all those arm’s dealers in that little bar in Florida and how she went to Alaska to start the trip with Root. I felt bad that Shaw got shot but she’s a tough broad. No Bear and Fusco, except Fusco by name. Good show.

Fargo ~ 4/15/14

I had no idea that this was based on the movie Fargo and further more had no idea the movie Fargo was about this. I thought it was about some hick western movie LOL. When I told Jackie and Scott that this new they started talking already about the movie. I have to say I am hooked on this show already. Those bangs on Billy Bob Thorton are just too funny. I love how he gets thrills out of causing doubts in everyone and then either they kill or go out and hurt who they are pissed off at or he does. I bust out when the eldest idiot kid of Hess started beating the shit out of the other and then Molly charging them and ending up in the air and all of them falling on the ground. And then him telling the boy to piss in the gas tank and he calls the hotel manager. Too good. I think Molly is gonna be good and just needs self confidence. Vern handled her very well and I’m glad she told her dad she doesn’t want to be a hostess and wants to remain a cop. I was shocked at all the killings and if I were Lester I would have done Pearl in about the day after the wedding LOL I am amazed that Gus let Lorne go but the way he talks and the stare he gives off I guess I would have done the same thing. Lester was pretty smart to go running into the wall so he would get hurt. Again stuff like that was just too funny. Vern calling the guy in the woods underwear panties LOL I felt so bad for Molly having to tell Vern’s wife that he was killed. I didn’t know this is a true story either. The thing I’m confused out however, is in the beginning of the show they said the names and stuff were changed out of respect for the dead. But I believe it said this took place in 2006 and Scott said the movie was done much earlier. I checked and it came out in 1996 so I’m assuming they just changed it to 2006 just to change the dates out of respect but all the appliance etc seem and look like it was done in the 70′s or 80′s. I’m probably over thinking that and I will just have to let it go. Excellent show.

TURN ~ 4/20/14

I was so proud of Ben for saying that he rather be court-martialed than kill that kid of the brothers who betrayed them but then Ben gained his trust. I think that he is going to come out okay in all of this. Loved Simcoe and the way be behaved during the whole episode. And that damn wig not on straight just made it that much better. I liked Caleb and Anna together but they are lying to Abe about Simcoe. He’s going to be pissed when he finds that out. And of course Abe finding out about his father, who made some ground in his relationship during their talk on the way to New York, going to sell Anna’s cauliflower. It just never ends in this show. You never know who you can trust and who you can’t. Mary and Anna were real good to. I’m glad that Mary found out the truth about the whole thing and that we learned why Abe married Mary. I just wish he would be faithful to her or divorce the broad. He has a good life but I think this spying is going to get the best of him. Caleb was a riot in that little sail boat singing that spanish song in the end. Felt bad for the farmer dying who house Ben et al. I don’t like that general and I guess it was a lie about Washington losing. So much going on. I wonder if this really went on back then? I have to think it did.